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Identification of Bones

The 206 bones of the skeleton provide a framework and points of attachment for many of the soft tissues of the body. The diagrams are adapted from Dank (1990)[1]


Anterior View


Lateral View


Thorax - Anterior View


Spine - Right Lateral View

Bones of the spine

Shoulder Girdle - Posterior View


Pelvic Girdle - Anterior View

Pelvic girdle

Foot - Lateral View


Lower Limb - Posterior View

Lower Limb


  1. DANK, L. (1990) Chapter 8 - The skeletal System: The appendicular skeleton. [Diagram]. In: TORTORA, G.J. and ANAGNOSTAKOS, N.P. (1990). Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. 6th ed. London:Haper Collins

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