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Back Squat

The objective of this page is to provide guidance on the execution of the Back Squat. It takes the form of a checklist of points for the coach to monitor.

Start Position
Start Position
Mid Position
Mid Position
End Position
End Position


The checklist is adapted from Pauletto (1991)[1].

  • Bar loaded evenly, collars in place and secure
  • Bar on a rack approximately chest height
  • Two spotters in position and ready
  • Hands spaced evenly and slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  • The bar rests across the back of shoulders
  • Head up, chest up and out
  • Shoulder blades pushed together
  • Elbows pointing down and a firm grip
  • Torso straight and abdominals braced
  • The Athlete takes one step back
  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Feet flat on floor and toes pointing slightly outwards
  • Athlete inhales and holds the breath while lowering the bar
  • Knees bend and stay over the toes
  • The Athlete sits back over heels
  • Athlete squats until the required level is reached
  • The downward movement is controlled with a momentary stop at the bottom
  • Athlete drives the bar up to the starting position by pushing through the heels
  • Athlete exhales while pushing the bar up


  1. PAULETTO, B. (1991) Strength Training for Coaches. USA; Human Kinetics.

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