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Triple Jump Drills

General Drills

  • Standing hop-step-jumps - develops the appropriate neuromuscular system.
  • Use a four-stride approach, relaxed pace, into hop-step-jump.
  • Uphill bounding drills - to develop height achieved in all phases.

Approach Drills

  • Rhythm runs - to ensure hitting checkmarks and the board.
  • Vary the start point so that you miss the "checkpoint" (about six strides out) and have to adjust while maintaining maximum speed.

Hop Drills

  • Single leg hops up steps.
  • Single leg hops over cones.
  • Continuous single leg hops with a butt kick action.
  • Continuous single leg hops with the concentration on bringing the knee as high as possible.
  • Continuous single leg hops, combining the butt kick with the knee-high action.

Step Drills

  • Using only the hop and step, set the take-off point so that the athlete lands in the sandpit.
  • Extend the take-off point to force a longer step.
  • Set up a grid for a series of standing hop-steps where each succeeding hop-step is a little longer.

Jump Drills

  • Stand with both feet together, take one step and jump into the pit.
  • Using a six-stride approach, do the step and jump phases, and concentrate on the drive of the jumping foot, trying for maximum height during the jump.
  • Using a six-stride approach, do the step and jump phases, and concentrate on the arm action.

Evaluation Tests

The following evaluation tests can be used to monitor the triple jump athlete's development:

Rules of Competition

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