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High Jump Photo Sequence

The photo sequence of Heike Henkel was taken during a competition at Crystal Palace.

Heike Henkel P1
  • Three strides from taking off
  • Leaning into the bend
Heike Henkel P2
  • Bouncing run-in
Heike Henkel P3
  • A right foot is placed out to the side to prevent the hips from collapsing before take-off
Heike Henkel P4
  • Right shoulder high
Heike Henkel P5
  • Left foot heel strike approx. one metre from the bar and upright

Heike Henkel P6
  • Lean back
  • Right shoulder is high
  • Left foot is ahead of the body
  • Hips are forward
  • Hips are at 45° to the bar and the shoulders at 90°
  • The trunk is upright and leaning slightly back
  • Jumping foot is in alignment with the jumping leg
Heike Henkel P7
  • Flexion in the left leg to allow drive upwards
Heike Henkel P8
  • Right knee and both arms beginning the upward drive
  • Tall and upright
  • Eyes focused above the bar
Heike Henkel P9
  • Left leg extends
  • Both arms are swung forwards and upwards with the right leg
  • Right hip is driven upwards and towards the far upright
Heike Henkel P10
  • Rotation of body due to right hip/knee and arm action
  • Left hip is still extended
Heike Henkel P11
  • Left knee is brought up to join the right knee
  • Back rotates towards the bar
Heike Henkel P12
  • Arms remain high
  • Heels behind the knees
  • Knees apart
Heike Henkel P13
  • Arms are driven down to extend hips
  • Heels pulled back towards the head (result in arched back)
  • Arms in a crucifix position
  • Knees apart
Heike Henkel P14
  • knees kept apart
  • Heels behind the knees
  • Arms in a crucifix position
Heike Henkel P1
  • knees above the hips
  • Arms in a crucifix position
  • Heels coming in front of the knees to begin the pike position
Heike Henkel P16
  • The arms are lifted vigorously in front of the trunk and then above the head to aid leg clearance
  • Piking of the thighs to the chest can be assisted by the movement of the head onto the chest so that the eyes are looking forward
  • Finally, the knees are straightened, landing on the shoulders

Rules of Competition

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