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Weight Training Program

Before starting any training, you must have a medical examination to ensure it is safe for you to do so. Any training program application is at the athlete's discretion and risk.


Each session could comprise the following exercises:

An alternative set of exercises

  • Lying flat dumbbell flys (Pectoralis Major)
  • Incline dumbbell flys (Pectoralis Minor)
  • Seated dumbbell side laterals (Medial Deltoids)
  • Seated bent-over dumbbell laterals (Posterior Deltoids)
  • Seated front dumbbell raises (Anterior Deltoids)
  • Standing dumbbell curls (Biceps Brachii - long head)
  • Triceps dip between benches (Triceps Brachii - outer head)
  • Bent-over dumbbell rows (Latissimus Dorsi)
  • Smith machine squat (Rectus Femoris - Quadriceps)
  • Standing leg curls (Biceps Femoris - Hamstring)
  • Seated leg curls (Semitendinosus - Hamstring)
  • Standing one leg, heel raises (Gastrocnemius - calf muscle)

How many

The weight used for each exercise is based on a percentage of the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted one time for that exercise, generally referred to as a one-repetition maximum (1RM). To conduct the programme, you must determine your 14 to 20RM, 11 to 14RM, 6 to 11RM and 3 to 6RM. Where appropriate, determine your 1RM for each exercise and then calculate the required weight as follows:

  • 14 to 20RM = 60% of 1RM
  • 11 to 14RM = 70% of 1RM
  • 6 to 11RM = 80% of 1RM
  • 3 to 6RM = 90% of 1RM


General notes:

  • Perform all sets on an exercise and then move to the next exercise
  • Perform all sets until fatigue prohibits the completion of an additional repetition
  • For each exercise, monitor the average number of repetitions/set, and if the range is exceeded, then adjust the weights accordingly at the next session
  • Allow 2-3 minutes of recovery between each set and 4-5 minutes between each exercise
  • With each exercise, use a 2/3 cadence, that is, a count of two to move to the exercise end position and a count of 3 to return to the exercise start position
  • For weeks 18 to 30, repeat weeks 5 to 17
Week Sessions/Week Sets/Session Repetitions/Set
1-3 3 3 14-20RM
4 2 3 11-14RM
5-7 3 3 11-14RM
8 1 2 6-11RM
9-11 3 2 6-11RM
12 1 2 3-6RM
13-15 6 1 3-6RM
16 1 1 6-11RM
17 Rest    

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