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Strength and Conditioning Training

Sally Writes explains why you should do strength and conditioning training.

With the hyper-focus on health and fitness in recent years, it is no wonder why more people are going to gyms these days. The fitness industry is estimated to be worth £3.9 billion by 2022, making it one of the most valuable industries in the UK. Exercising is very important because it keeps you in shape and reduces the risk of developing serious diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems.

There are different workouts, and you can choose one or more depending on your fitness goals. Some types, such as swimming, can help you to achieve a toned body, while exercises such as yoga and Pilates can improve movement and flexibility. Meanwhile, other activities are designed to improve performance, like strength and conditioning (S&C) training. While S&C initially benefited athletes, it is now widely practiced by more people. Here are the main reasons why you may want to do S&C workouts.

Improve Balance and Posture

Balance impairment and muscle weakness caused by ageing and lack of movement are the most prevalent risk factors for injuries, and S&C training has been identified as a practical component in successful multifactorial intervention programmes to reduce injuries. Doing Romanian deadlifts is one of the best S&C exercises for this. The training helps you stay injury-free by raising your awareness of your body's movement and position and strengthening and building your muscles.

If you are new to this type of exercise, start by using only your body weight until you have mastered the correct form. Then, you can add weights by using a barbell. For best results, use the best exercise equipment fit for you. There is a variety of strength training equipment in the market, from squat racks to dual multi presses, so choose one or several, depending on your budget and available space.

Improves Mobility

Having better and easy body movement can considerably impact a person's quality of life. Doing squats is one of the most common exercises promoting ease of action, specifically targeting your lower body. It can improve your glutes, hip hinges, and quads and strengthen the muscles around your knees. Doing burpees can also improve mobility, and it involves doing push-ups with jumping jacks to give you a full-body workout. It can also lead to improved cardiovascular endurance, and it can help to burn fat. S&C exercises also strengthen your muscles and joints, leading to enhanced mobility.

Increased Metabolism and Muscle Mass

The National Library of Medicine found that building muscle has increased metabolic benefits, and you can kickstart your metabolism with some strength and conditioning exercises. One effective exercise for this is the ice skaters or lateral bounds. You are doing cardio while strengthening your glutes, core, hamstrings, quads, and calves. The dead bug is also a core stabilization exercise that targets your glutes, upper body, and core muscles.

Exercise is an essential aspect of health and fitness. To stay fit and strong, and to ward off health conditions, consider doing some strength and conditioning exercises starting today.

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