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The 2020 NBA Finals

Amanda Campbell provides an insight into the five favorites to reach the 2020 NBA finals.

With the finals getting ever closer, the NBA betting odds are constantly changing. Every decision the team makes, and every point they score could be what makes or breaks a team's chances for the Championship.

Although anything could change the game, there is currently a front-runner. But you should keep an eye on all five favorites in case a shock injury levels the playing field.

Phoenix Suns

Looking at last year’s season is enough to tell you that the Suns have risen. This season Phoenix has Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Jae Crowder in their mists, which means they are bursting at the seams with talent.

As the season has not started yet, all we can do is judge last season’s performance and the off-season practices. Last year Phoenix battered away top condensers for the Championship, including the Clippers, Lakers, and Nuggets.

When it came to the finals, the Suns were in the lead for the first half, but could not keep hold of it in the second half. They were inches away from winning, and this season they are coming back with a punch!

With Chris Paul back from injury we would not be surprised to see the Phoenix Suns reach the finals again.

As of right now, Fanduel puts the Suns at +280 to win, almost double the likelihood of the next best team.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were another surprise team last year. No one had predicted the Suns or Bucks reaching the final, and when they were there, the Bucks were dismissed. Yet in their 50 years of playing, the Milwaukee Bucks finally won their first NBA title during the 2020-2021 season. Astonishing.

We don’t want to make the same mistake this time, so we decided to take a deeper look into what the Bucks have to offer this season. In the Eastern Conference, the Bucks were able to knock down rivals such as the Hawks, Heat, and Nets. They reached the finals again with a record of 46-26.

Both of these title wins were because of new blood such as Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday, but we cannot ignore Giannis! This player has won the Most Valuable Player award twice last season, due to his amazing scoring and play-making tactics.

Fanduel puts the Bucks at +500, accurate as of today. This is a big gap from the favorite to the second favorite, but the Bucks could surprise us again.

Brooklyn Nets

Without a doubt, the Brooklyn Nets thought last year was their year. And yet when the ball landed in their court, something didn’t add up.

Ignoring the outcome, we want to focus on the players. Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving proved that they were the best 5-team in the league. Their teamwork, skill, organization, and practiced mentality were on point. But the eventual winners of the season knocked them while they were rising, in a challenging game to say the least.

Since then, the Nets have played in the East Conference and came second to the Bucks again. Although some people think the Nets are more likely to reach the finals this season, their constant knockoff from the Bucks tells us something different.

Their main rival this season will be Milwaukee, as they have a score to settle. Fanduel rates the team as +700.

Boston Celtics

In the last week alone the Boston Celtic's stats have jumped up the table. Since the new year has come around, the Celtics have been battling it out for the East Conference title. But with the Nets and Bucks rivalry brewing, no one saw the power they were building.

Their main three players, Brown, Smart, and Tatum, are one of the most efficient trios of the season. With just one game between the Celtics and the Meat, they won 9 games in the last 10 off-season matches.

As long as the managers do not push this trio too hard, they could make it to the finals.

Injury is what these players need to worry about. Because if Brown, Smart, or Tatum tap out of the games, the dream of the Finals will tap out too.

Fanduel rates the Boston Celtics as +950 as of today.

Golden State Warriors

With Durant out of the Golden State Warriors, their likelihood of getting to the finals has dropped too. But that does not mean the journey is impossible.

The Warriors know how to play without a key player and still do a fantastic job. Klay Thompson was out for the whole season due to an injury, and yet the Golden State didn’t shy away from some great matches.

This season, with Thompson back in action and Steph Curry on board, their odds are constantly getting better.

As of right now, Fanduel rates the Golden State Warriors as +950. But keep watching as anything could make those numbers change.


With the first match around the corner, we can only guess what the teams and players will be like. But judging by the off-season and last NBA finals, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from these amazing players.

The real match to look forward to will be the Bucks versus the Nets, and the Nets try to bring back their glory.

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