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Road or Mountain Bike?

Sowmia Rajendran explains the difference between a road bike and a mountain bike.

Buying a bicycle is an excellent decision as this is the most environmentally friendly means of transportation. Additionally, it is possible to ride a bike in basically every section of the urban area. By going to work and back, you can easily stay in shape while also adding a variety to your total workout regimen.

A bike is a robust workhorse with an inconsiderable amount of parts that can get out of order, making it one of the most dependable means of transportation. But first, you have to select a proper bike for your needs. For that, consider the following factors while choosing a bicycle, performance, technical qualities, and abilities. Additionally, you will have to decide whether international or local models deliver the best performance? First and foremost, let us talk about the characteristics of bicycles.

Specific parameters may not be considered depending on the aim, while others may be the most important. The most crucial parameters to consider are weight, speed, strength, and dependability. Selecting a bike with a sturdier and more durable frame is a good idea if you think about travelling enormous distances without trouble.

The next stage is to evaluate the weight and comfort of the bicycle. We recommend spending money on a bike and corresponding accessories you can find on For instance, if you buy a bike for road biking from your home to work, there is no need to think about speed. The essential requirements from such a bicycle are stability and the ability to turn quickly on the rough road parts.

All bicycles can be classified into one of the following categories, based on where they will be used: road bikes, mountain bikes, or sports bikes. They are all specialized in their intended use. Regarding structural strength, comfort, and functionality, foreign-built models are superior, but they may be more costly than locally produced ones.

Locally built bicycles can be distinguished by their capacity to survive a wide range of environmental conditions and abuse inherent to the given region. Also, service centres with spare parts for domestic bicycles are often situated in major cities near you and maybe easily found.

Let us take a closer look at each of the bicycle groups separately. Road bikes are light and straightforward to ride, and they have a low centre of gravity. Road bikes can travel at extremely high speeds with ease on a densely packed road surface. But you absolutely cannot use a road bike for cross-country travel. If you do, you will most likely damage the wheels or other fragile parts.

The road bikes do not have trunks, which means they cannot transport stuff. The firm saddle of a road bike is one of its significant drawbacks. For newbie cyclists, long rides can become painful due to the unusual shape of the saddle. That is why, if you have the financial means to purchase a proper road bike, you better consider purchasing a foreign model.

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