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NFL Legacies: Peyton Manning

Amanda Campbell provides an insight into one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time within the history of the NFL.

The NFL has always been a highly influential championship that motivates young athletes to improve their form and athleticism to have the opportunity to qualify. Peyton Manning is no exception, and he has gained his fair share of awards as a young athlete.

Peyton Manning is a household name, and he has been widely recognized for his athletic abilities and core strength, which make him the perfect quarterback. Growing up surrounded by football players has its advantages.

Football comes naturally to members of the Manning family. Father NFL quarterback Archie Manning influenced Manning, and older brother former NFL quarterback Eli Manning to become the best quarterback that he can be. Peyton Manning is no exception to this, and he has a reputation as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time within the history of the NFL.

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College Football

In high school, Manning did not waste any time setting a reputation for his football knowledge and impressive skill set. He was rewarded with the National Player Of The Year award as a senior, which kick-started his professional career.

Manning became the starting quarterback for the University Of Tennessee every year that he was attending college. Both consistent and professional from an early age, Manning was named the country’s top amateur athlete in 1996. He completed his collegiate career as Tennessee’s career passing leader in 1998.

Indianapolis Colts

After graduating, Manning was selected first overall by the Colts, where he began his rookie season in 1998. After showing up prepared for his first interview meeting with Colts staff, Manning stood out compared to Ryan Leaf, who was also interviewing for the draft and showed up late. This is a particularly prestigious position which proves that Manning had already begun creating a name for himself.

This was Manning’s professional debut, and he lived up to expectations. Orchestrating an enormous amount of wins for the Colts during the following years, Manning saw a lot of career highlights and record breaks.

In 2002, Manning finished the regular season with a perfect passer rating. His fame was beginning to grow by this time, and he has gained more attention from commercial platforms than many other professional athletes. After securing Most Valuable Player status (MVP) following a record-breaking season of 49 touchdown passes and 121.1 passing ratings, Manning went on to play against his brother in the New York Giants in 2006. The Chiefs secured another big win in the Super Bowl XLI Championship despite the potential sibling rivalry.

Denver Broncos

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All good things must end eventually, and Manning faced an arduous recovery from neck surgery in 2011, forcing him to miss that season. Because of this, he was released from the team to focus on recuperating and bringing in younger players. Unfortunately, the Colts were less successful without their primary quarterback and struggled to defend their reputation.

After recovering, Manning signed a five-year contract with the Denver Broncos, where he continued to see enormous success as a quarterback. He went on to have one of the all-time best seasons as an NFL quarterback in 2013 and continued to set records higher and higher.

As a member of the Broncos, Manning was able to lead the team and win more MVP awards and achieve so much. He even had the opportunity to compete against long-term rival Tom Brady.


Following his retirement, Manning was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame and recognized for his enormous range of achievements as a quarterback. Number eighteen was also retired by both the Colts and the Broncos.

Among other awards and achievements, Manning retired as a two time Super Bowl champion and has the highest career passing touchdowns on average. Not only that, but Manning has the most consecutive regular seasons as a starter and has the most games with a perfect passer rating within an NFL career.


Professional athletes already maintain an impressive standard for discipline, motivation, strength, and communication with teammates. Manning is no exception, and his career gains are genuinely extraordinary. Peyton Manning set an immense selection of records on a personal and professional level and will continue to hold many of these despite being retired.

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