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Up And Coming Defensive Players To Look Out For During Drafting Season

Amanda Campbell provides advice on future NFL defensive players.

Defensive players are a crucial element in any strong NFL team. Offensive players often receive much love and spotlight, but a team cannot hope to make it in this competitive sport without capable defensive players. With every new year comes a whole new layout for every team, with new players across the board filling up different positions to keep the paradigm strong.

The next NFL Drafting Season is fast approaching, and NFL fans worldwide are eager to see what new talent has been scouted to take over important positions. With so many teams in desperate need of new defensive strategies, as evidenced by match results from the previous year, a lot of attention is being placed on new defensive players. So let’s take a look at some of the potential hopefuls!

New Defensive Linemen

The defensive lineman is the first line of defense for any team, and thus, the players need to be bringing their A-game at every second. A good lineman needs to be strong and capable but quick on their toes to react to offensive tactics instantly. They also need to cut an imposing figure with a solid size to ward away offensive players.

There are some great potential contenders for lineman positions across many teams. Looking at some of the best performances in defensive positions from previous years, we can tell that players like Aaron Donald, T.J. Watt, and Trevon Diggs, to name a few, would bring what is needed for many teams.

Thanks to his amazing skill on the field and his ability to quickly turn the tide of a match, one player has been making a name for himself. In a defensive breakthrough against the Ravens, Cleveland Browns player Myles Garrett managed to halt an offensive charge and allow his team a successful touchdown! Myles has just the right level of skill and tenacity to take on a defensive lineman position and is one to look out for.

New Defensive Ends

Defensive ends are generally chosen from the fastest defensive players. Defensive ends are responsible for quickly catching up to and responding to offensive strategies, making them crucial. A robust defensive end can promptly change the trajectory of a match and can make for some great surprise plays. Players such as Trent McDuffie have what is needed for the role.

The player to look out for this season is perhaps Ikem Ekwonu. Ekwonu has a great history and is still going from strength to strength. He currently plays for NC State University and has earned himself strong renown for his quick speed, paired with impressive strength. Do not be surprised if you spot him taking any Defensive End positions!

New Defensive Tackles

Defensive tackles take on a massive amount of force from offensive players. They are responsible for halting many offensive plays in their tracks, generally based toward the center of the defense.

There are many great and sturdy talent eager to fill this position, such as DeMarvin Leal, who plays for Texas A&M, and has proven himself to tackle any player of any size!  Storm Duck from North Carolina has also confirmed that he can interrupt countless offensive strategies and make tackles against players of all sizes.

New Defensive Backs

Defensive backs have to be ready to take on a stressful and potentially fraught role within the team. They are the final line of defence against a successful touchdown. A successful defensive back can help create match history with a strong tackle, or on the other hand, could cost a team a vital win.

Good defensive backs need an outstanding balance of all skills presented by other defensive players, with good speed, decision-making, and strength.

Some of the best include Kenneth Walker III, Michigan State, and Zach Carter, Florida. Best of all, though, is Jojo Domann, who has an outstanding balance between speed and strength that allows him to take on any challenge presented to him.

To Conclude

There is so much exciting stuff yet to come from the NFL, and fans continue to count down the days until the next Drafting Season eagerly. With some strong picks in defensive players, we can expect many teams to ramp up their defensive capabilities and see a whole new world of exciting NFL games.

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