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Cristiano Ronaldo's fitness and nutritional program

Alonso Espeleta explains Cristiano Ronaldo's nutritional and fitness program.

These days, the top athletes are almost machine-like in their fitness. Long gone are the days where they would spend hours in bars and pubs after training, playing a game the following day, before going straight out to a club to celebrate a victory. These days, the true professionals will monitor what they are eating and drinking to make sure everything they consume is good for them, help increase performance levels, and decrease pesky body fat.

This is why the top athletes can still perform to such high standards, even during the latter part of their careers. Look at Tom Brady, for example. At 44, he is the oldest player in the NFL by a long way, as everyone else is still in their 30s. He is still performing at incredibly high standards, helping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in February.

Another similar case is LeBron James. You often have to stop to remember he is coming up to 36, but he still plays such an essential part for the LA Lakers and plays a key crucial in winning the NBA championship in 2020.

Cristiano Ronaldo is possibly the prime candidate for healthy living and looking after your body to prolong a career. Many assumed by now that he would be finished, unable to cope at the top level, and would be surplus to requirements

His performances at times have indeed dropped in the past few years, both at Juventus and now that he's back at Manchester United, but as we've seen in recent weeks, he can still pull out vital goals just when his team most needs him.

This would also prove extremely important for sports fans who also enjoy placing a few bets on matches. They know that having Cristiano Ronaldo on the team they are betting on will always give them some advantage, as winning games will always be his first objective, which resonates well with sports bettors alike.

Because of his winning mentality and rigorous fitness program that it is always worth checking at the odds for Ronaldo to win.

If you have ever wanted to know precisely the nutrition and fitness program, Ronaldo carries out, read on to learn more.

No slacking off, even when you are one of the best in the world

The first thing to note about Ronaldo’s fitness program is that he truly is unique in his dedication and desire to be the best in the world of soccer. It is highly doubtful that any player, in their generation or previous ones, put quite so much effort into staying on top. In his eyes, he wants to keep playing into his 40s and beyond, and at the rate he is going, he might do it.

He has an imposing injury record, rarely suffering anything significant that keeps him out for more than a few weeks due to his fitness regime. He will be training with the Manchester United first-team between 4 and 5 times a week. Then, he will also be involved in at least one game a week, if not two, if it is a Champions League game week. He hates to start on the bench and gets very angry if he is substituted off, so he will usually play the full 90 minutes.

As well as the team training and matches, he spends plenty of time in the gym, doing his separate exercises. This will usually involve a mix between high-intensity cardio and weight lifting. This certainly helps to explain how his stamina levels are so high and how he always has an incredibly muscular physique.

He often spends between 3 and 4 hours working out each day. His former teammate at Juventus Medhi Benatia has said that he received a text from Cristiano at 11 pm one night, asking if he wanted to go to the gym. Even late at night, he is still looking to work his body, as he knows none of his rivals will be putting in the late-night gym sessions.

Coca Cola? No chance

Who can forget at a Euro 2020 press conference, where he moved a bottle of Coca Cola which had been placed in front of him, encouraging people to drink water instead. Due to its high sugar content, he won't consume any fizzy drinks, with alcohol also off-limits. Water is the only thing he will drink.

When it comes to diet, he has talked about regularly eating, as it helps to keep energy levels at their highest. He consumed many foods high in protein but without any/minimal fat, such as tuna and swordfish, chicken and steak, then olives, low-fat yoghurt, fresh fruit and plenty of salads.

Personally, it doesn't sound like a delightful lifestyle. However, it works for Ronaldo, who will probably outlive us all if he keeps this fitness and nutrition program up, even once he is no longer playing.

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