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Fitness Tips from Professional Athletes

Perter Gabriel provides some tips on how to improve your fitness.

We all want to be fit, some of us want to be at the peak of our physical abilities, others want to be the best of the best, but only a minuscule amount of people will ever make it to the VERY TOP of their field. Even if you consider how many people play professional football, for example, the very top level makes up less than 1% of the global population. In some sports, that percentage would be even lower. So where better to look for tips and techniques on how to improve your fitness than the best of the best? That is what we are here to do today.

If we are going to start anywhere, we are going to start with James Milner. James is 35 years old and has played 570 (as of today 22/06/2021) games in the Premier League for five different clubs. The most recent club is Liverpool Football Club, where he has won the Champions League, the Premier League, the European Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup. In my opinion, James is the model pro, his fitness is impeccable, his work ethic is second to none, and above all else, he is a super humble guy. So how did he get to where he is now?

In an interview with the Liverpool FC website, James said “Fortune is one [thing], I think you need that luck with injuries and things like that. But I have always tried to do whatever I can to give myself the best opportunities, whether that is looking at diet or gym work. I did that as early as Leeds and Newcastle, the gym stuff, and that it is developed as well. I just try to push myself.”

The Champions League winner adds: "Obviously I’m going to drop off at some point in terms of physical output and things like that, but surely if I push myself more, the further distance I have got to fall. If I do drop off then I will be in amongst the pack as opposed to dropping from the middle pack downwards. That is what I have always tried to do. I have always tried to push myself, always tried to keep the young lads in place in terms of running and stuff like that. I am sure I will get reeled in at some point but I am hoping that is not for a few years yet."

Solid, consistent work in the Gym and a well-maintained diet are the things that have kept Milner a beacon of fitness. Milner was asked live on BT Sport what his tipple of choice would be that evening.

Reporter Des Kelly said: “I remember asking you after you got through in Rome if you would have a glass of red and you said you would take a cheeky Ribena. What is it tonight?” James replied “It might have to be something fizzy and go a bit exotic. Lime and lemonade or something.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is likely nearing the end of his incredible career, when he retires it will be a sad day for the game but at 36 years old this man is still the stand-out player on any team he plays in. How much longer will we have Ronaldo? Only time will tell and while there is plenty of Sports Betting and pundits trying to figure out who will replace him, for the time being, we get to enjoy his incredible career a little longer, but, how does this man keep at the very top of the game, performing at this level week in week out?

Well, luckily for us, Ronaldo did an interview a few years ago where he released his top 15 personal training tips, so we can look over the top 3! Seems apt to start with number 1. Ronaldo said, “Learn to train your mind as well as your body. Mental strength is just as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals.” He is right, you could be a genetic superhuman, but without the right mental strength to back you up you will never be able to make it to the very top. This also moves us swimmingly onto point 2, Ronaldo is keen to mention staying disciplined.

It is super easy for us to get distracted and just do something else, wake up and feel a little groggy? Yeah, we will just take the day off. NO! You will not! Not if you want to be the best of the best. You need to set yourself goals (point 3 in Ronaldo's list) and be strict in completing them. Keep your mental strength in peak condition with solid discipline and your physical strength will follow suit!

There we have it, my look into two of the fittest footballers on the planet, in terms of fitness these two are quite clearly head and shoulders above the rest. Where do you see yourself on the fitness ladder? I’m currently at the bottom, holding for support, you know the score, safety first guys!

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