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Preparing for a weightlifting competition

Silvia Watson provides some preparation tips for a weightlifting competition.

Before you participate in a weightlifting competition, you have to train hard for months and years to sharpen your performance. In this entire journey right from training to competing, you come across many situations where a few things remain in your control and others you could manage well if you were aware. In this article, you will read a few suggestions that can help you prepare better.


When you practice in the gym, you may not use a collar while training. A bar without collars can be extremely different from the one having it. Usually, in competitions, they use collars on the bar. If you are not habituated to it, it can ruin your winning chances in the game. Hence, make sure you practice with it when doing clean & jerks and snatches, especially close to the event.


You may have noticed the massive red plates in the competitions. Women usually do not work out with them, and this habit leads them to believe that they are heavier compared to a blue one. Hence, when you see it in the competition, it creates a psychological effect on your mind. To avoid such situations, you should load your bar the same way as it happens in a contest. Whether you lift 70kg in the women's category or 75 in men's, you should use the giant red plates.

Rest period

In a powerlifting meet, you do not get much time for warm-ups and lifting. It would help if you did it fast. So, if you are in the habit of taking excessive rest between sets during practice, then it can become your Achilles heels. To make sure you do not get into trouble, limit your rest periods to two minutes maximum. This mental and physical conditioning will come in handy during the event.

Lifting environment

The location of the competition and the type of bar can also affect you psychologically because you are not used to lifting in such a setup. As a solution, you can choose different platforms for your lifting practice. Also, you can use different bars per set for better acclimatization and exposure to varying conditions. As far as the lifting techniques go, you can check expert online weightlifting videos. These weightlifting videos can help you improve your techniques so that you can feel comfortable in any environment.

Practice time

Everyone has his or her reservations about the time when they like to practice. But it is essential to know that the meeting schedule can be different from the time you follow for training. So, you must understand what warm-ups you need to do for a particular time of the day. For instance, if you practice in the afternoon and your lifting challenge takes place early, then you have to know the proper techniques to get loose. It might not be so crucial for everyone, but it can make a massive difference in some cases.

For help with these things or, more importantly, techniques, you can always watch weightlifting coaching videos and learn what is right and what is not.

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