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Beginners Fitness Guide

Mr. Tayyab provides a quick fitness guide for beginners.

The increasing awareness through media and the internet is motivating more people today to adopt healthier lifestyles. More young adults are trying to make lifestyle changes that can help them to get fit.

Unfortunately, most of them do not know the right way to go about it, and often end up adopting unhealthy diet programs and boot camps, which can pose health risks in the longer run. Here is a quick fitness guide for beginners who are looking for the right way to achieve the right body.

Take it Slow

The most common and the greatest blunder that beginners make is to aim for an overnight transformation. You have been munching on those cheeseburgers for years. It is ridiculous to expect that your body will shed all the effects in a week.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself that it is going to be a long journey but a fruitful one. Your goal should be getting fit and not gaining and shedding inches. Be consistent with your regime and routine, and you will start seeing the results gradually but steadily.

Workout Regime

There is no doubt that it is not possible to remain fit without following a proper workout regime. That being said, the workout does not mean that you spend 3 hours on a treadmill mindlessly. For long-lasting results, it is recommended that you have a well-rounded exercise regime that trains your body for strength and endurance.

It is highly recommended that you hire a personal trainer and opt for High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. This program is a mix of multiple high-intensity exercises that keep you motivated without making you bored. Moreover, this program covers all body areas without any dependence on machines.

That means you can also follow this workout at home. Make sure you do not work out more than five days a week so that your muscles get a chance to recover.

Eating Habits

Most beginners are in haste to get their desired bodies and as a result, resort to crash diet programs. Crash diets are not only a very unhealthy and risky method of shedding weight but also the results do not last long. Moreover, the crash digest can only help in weight loss but not in getting fit.

They can make you sick and create medical issues in the long run. Moreover, crash diets do not give long-lasting results, and you often get back your inches once you stop your diet. For a fit body, make sure you eat clean and healthy but eat well. Starving yourself is the most inappropriate way to get a fit body.

Start early and take five to six small meals so that your body does not starve. Cut down on carbs and eat more proteins. Eliminate aerated drinks and make sure your last meal is no later than 8 PM. If you feel the need for snacking, green salads would be your best bet.


Fitness is not about having a specific body shape or size, but it is about staying healthy, active, and functional. A fit body is a well-nourished one that does not have any deficiencies. Unfortunately, even the best diets at times fall short of providing you with the correct nutrition.

These shortfalls can be filled in by taking supplements such as Calcium and multivitamins. Suppose you are specifically looking for an athletic body or abs. In that case, it is highly recommended that you take protein bars along with your high protein diet since protein catalyzes the muscle-building process.

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