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Exercise and Productivity

Margery Soliz investigates if exercise can help students to increase their productivity.

It is common knowledge that regular exercise is immensely beneficial to the growth of our muscles and physical health. But, have you ever taken a second to understand what it does to your mental wellness? Turns out; the magic goes beyond keeping fit and avoiding lifestyle diseases. Physical exercises increase your overall productivity and cognitive performance.

Why exercise is recommended for students

Working out engages your body, hence activating your biological functions to unlock the energy needed to perform tasks. There exists a direct correlation between exercise and productivity in humans. Studies show that active people are tending to be more productive than their docile counterparts.

By increasing the blood circulation in your body, you supply your brain with sufficient oxygen, thereby boosting its functionality. You may not necessarily become Albert Einstein in class, but you can be sure of improving your IQ.

Might you be wondering where to get tips on effective exercises? Seek online help from demonstrative YouTube videos and websites. Before you can access these videos and articles for free, we must give you all the reasons to work out for academic success.

Reasons why exercise might increase student productivity

Working out reduces stress

Ask any student, and they will tell you it is impossible to study right with a stressed mind. It is like running with a sprained ankle; it does more harm than good.

Studies are supposed to be conducted with a relaxed mind. Exercising compels the body to release more endorphins, which in turn restore your mental well-being, creating a conducive studying mentality.

Working out is an excellent antidote to fatigue

It is quite confusing how working out clears fatigue, yet you are supposed to be fatigued after a round of exercise. The body works in unique ways. Fatigue sets in courtesy of a dormant mind. Science describes it as a mental illusion.

Increasing your blood circulation to the brain and other body tissues and organs through exercise helps in the restoration of normalcy, hence eliminating fatigue. Try it out.

Sharpens focus and increases concentration span

This is one of the short-term benefits of working out. In an American neuroscience free essay paper, Robert Nikon, a seasoned neuroscientist, explains how this works. An increase in the blood flow rate increases oxygen and protein supply to the brain, hence elevating its neuroplasticity and consequently improving your focus and concentration ability.

It elevates one's concentration span by a couple of hours, depending on the intensity of the physical activity you partake in.

Improves recovery

Studying takes three forms: reading, understanding, and retrieving from your mind the information to reproduce it in an exam or seminar. Remembering is an integral part of ineffective studying. The brain restructures and retrieves information faster when it is active. What better way to activate the brain than engaging in some workout?

Exercise helps in the regeneration of brain cells, hence rejuvenating them and increasing their retention capacity. This way, you can take in more data and retain it longer, as explained by the British Association of Neurologists' free essay online papers.

Physical exercise elevates one's mood

Ever tried studying when gloomy and grumpy, or when mad at someone who just wronged you a couple of minutes back? How did that go? A wild guess: it was not as effective as intended. That is how adversely mood affects your study sessions.

Physical activity makes studying better by diverting your attention from disturbing thoughts and converting the negative energy into sweat. By the time you get back to your books after that 30 minutes workout session, you will be reenergized, have a sharper focus, and ready to achieve the academic milestones you set.

It Increases energy

It may sound ironic that using putting in energy while working out gives you more studying energy, but it is true. Ensure you perform some practical routine exercises before studying. Please make use of the free essay sites on fitness: they will be of great aid.


Working out is an essential activity in a student's life because of its numerous benefits. It not only impacts the physical and health well-being but also mental health. Your studies run smoothly and uninterrupted. Additionally, exercise increases the energy needed to take you through a busy schedule. A routine a day keeps distractions at bay.

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