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Morning Workout

Adriana Thompson provides advice on five quick morning workouts you can do without leaving your bed.

Few people are convinced by the idea of having quick morning workouts; of having to activate their body just a few minutes after opening their eyes, and even more, people find it hard to do if it demands extra energy out of the ordinary, even if it's just a 10-minute workout. However, finding time for a morning workout can be as effective as having a morning coffee. From the comfort of your bed, some exercises help stimulate the body and mind and give you the energy you need to face the day in the best possible way.

If you want to get charged throughout the day and you dream of having a spectacular body but hate to get up in the morning, with these 10 minute morning workout routines, your bed can be your playing ground.

Next, we are going to propose some activation workouts. They should be done progressively for about 15 seconds in each one of them to activate our rhythms. They are perfect for stretching muscles and lubricating joints. Many are the benefits of these morning exercises, so we hope you like them.

Weight plate side bend on the exercise ball

The first of the quick morning workouts we are recommending is the side bend on an exercise ball with the help of weight plates. To do this, instead of a bench, you have to lay on the bed and rest over an exercise ball with the right hand and the weight plate in the other hand. This exercise will work all your body, and since the bed is not a very solid base, the effort will be more helpful than if you did it on the floor.

It helps you work the sides of your legs, waist, abdomen, and arms. It is a complete exercise that will undoubtedly help you.


As someone (i.e., a British student) with limited time to go to the gym, the bed can be the ultimate reading and working space. While in the comfort of my bed, I can monitor trends online, prepare for the test, do my essay or give it out to an essay service online or anywhere in the UK and also do some push-ups first thing in the morning to stay active during the day.

Push-ups work like a kind of lizards that will make you press on your abdomen and strengthen your arms. Thanks to the softness of the bed, the work you do will be heavier, but you will have better results. In all, it is a "cheap" morning workout for the laziest people.

Bed squats

This is one of the best 10 minutes morning workouts to do on the bed. To strengthen the legs, abdomen, and buttocks, this exercise is the best. You have to keep your back straight and get out of bed. When you get up, stay about 5 inches close to your bed with your back facing it. Then go squatting - up and down. Alternatively, if you are a beginner, you can squat with the help of a chair in front of you. You can also do the exercises with a bar or other weight to hold with your arms in front of your chest. It pays to conduct four sets of 15 repetitions.

Tricep Dips

With the help of a chair or a bench, place your hands there and distance your feet to lower your hips while bending your elbows and bringing them back. If you have the experience, you can place your feet on another bench of the same height and from there, execute the exercise.

Jack Knife Sit-ups

This is one of the easiest and most effective exercises which can be done with no assistive material and without ever getting out of bed. Like your typical jackknife, while still on the bed, all you have to do is lay flat with your head face up, and your legs touch each other. What's next is to raise both legs to about 75 and then while your legs are still up, try to raise your head to about 50-65, depending on your level of flexibility.

According to an infographic, including others such as leg circles, and butt-sculpting hip rotation, pilates claim, knee-in leg lifts, is one of the best exercises you can try in your bed. They can help to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, among other benefits.

Wrapping it Up

The benefits associated with exercise can never be overemphasized. From increased coordination and motor skills to muscle building, prevention and reduction of obesity and chronic illnesses, and greater self-esteem due to improved self-image, exercises help develop the individual to their physical, psychological, and physiological peak.

Many more exercises can be found online and practiced. These are just some practical routine examples that can be optimized, completed, and extended to the user's liking. Above we discussed those, which we considered to be the most effective. Though, you may always google for more.

These exercises are as effective as coffee to start the day with energy. You should begin imagining how these morning workouts work if you do them every day. When done consistently, you will have a phenomenal body in a short time. These morning activations improve your endocrine system and heart rates, sharpens your intelligence and give you energy, relieve stress, and start to burn calories. As the body gets used before the alarm goes off, your heart starts pumping and the hormones get ready to regulate blood pressure.

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