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Attributes of a Tennis Professional

Emily Brathen identifies five attributes to look for in a Tennis Professional.

There may be many reasons why a tennis club is thriving. From its location, the lush amenities, and all the personnel you mingle with every day, this list could go on, but consider the importance of how efficient the club's tennis professionals are.

Tennis professionals do more than just coach tennis. Their place in the club's operations is so integral that without them, a club's long list of perks could easily be negated. And so, it is crucial that the tennis professionals you hire only come with the best traits.

But just what are these traits that you must be looking for? Today, we reveal five of the most vital characteristics your tennis professionals must possess.

Communication Skills

Tennis professionals interact with virtually all club members, so they should possess practical communication skills. Ultimately, you may want a tennis professional who understands your club's culture and expresses them with panache and proficiency.

Like all of your employees, a tennis professional should also understand the importance of communicating during a meeting or interacting with the club's members.

Problem-solving Skills

Problems or situations are inherent in any business, so your tennis professional should possess good problem-solving skills. They should be able to handle potential situations, e.g. managing a pushy parent who intrudes on their lessons or tension among staff members.

During the interview, it is suggested that you ask the candidate how they would curtail or manage issues at your club. Inadvertently, you may also inquire if they were able to resolve a problem in the past and how they did it.

Budgeting Skills

A club is ultimately a business, and so if a tennis professional does not have good budgeting skills, there may be some potential issues on the horizon. Chief is their ability to maintain a budget relative to the club's provision on its members' wants. You must hire someone who is armed with good budgeting skills.

A tennis professional with good budgeting skills may indicate a willingness to join the club's business management team.

Programming or Social Skills

A tennis club is a "social" enterprise. All employees and club members are bound to get together, and without adequate social skills, your business will fade into the background.

Your tennis professional must have the enthusiasm to serve your clients and demonstrate a desire to mingle with everyone. They must be creative enough to come up with fresh ideas that get the members and the employees alike to be motivated to play tennis.

Tennis-related Skills

Naturally, your tennis professional must be adept in all things tennis. These abilities can vary from their knowledge about the best tennis racquet for intermediate and advanced players down to their competence in playing the actual sport. And yes, we are talking about their abilities to teach tennis in a technical sense.

Ensure that the tennis pro is "certified" or is willing to become certified as they take advantage of continuing their educational opportunities while at work. Beyond these competencies, your tennis professional should also have the attributes of commitment and credibility of being a well-rounded employee.

Concluding Thoughts

As tennis clubs are a business at the core, they must be impressive players and coaches and are also equipped with these traits. Without them, your club's ambition to succeed could fail.

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