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Different Kinds of Exercise

Silvia Watson provides an overview of the different exercises that are good for your body.

Proper knowledge about all the variety of exercises is vital because all the exercises are known to emphasize various elements of your physical fitness. A well-balanced exercise routine should include several exercises to protect you from injury and helps your body to maintain complete physical fitness. You are free to perform the different kinds of exercises following the proportions you are comfortable in, which entirely depends on your goals. For instance, it is suggested that overweight individuals burn calories by working on their flexibility. Similarly, endurance athletes will be able to avoid injuries if they include strength exercises in the exercise routine.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises involve performing several movements with the larger groups of muscles, like your legs, for 20 minutes. Aerobic exercises include cycling, walking, jogging, rowing, or swimming. Aerobic exercises can also be performed for increasing cardiorespiratory endurance. These exercises are perfect for you if you are interested in losing weight. The sessions of low-intensity exercises should last for 45 minutes. To increase cardiorespiratory endurance, you have to perform high-intensity exercises only.

Anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic exercises help increase the force that the muscle contractions are capable of generating. They also help in increasing strength, power output, and speed. Examples of these kinds of exercises include plyometrics, sprinting, and weightlifting. If you are performing anaerobic exercises, you will not need to complete many of them. A few exercises can help in increasing the strength of your body. After performing 15 sets of a particular anaerobic exercise, your muscles will start getting exhausted. You must not force your body to keep doing the exercise as it can lead to negative results.

Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercises are responsible for enhancing the movement of the joints and muscles. The various forms of these kinds of exercises include yoga poses and stretching. Flexible exercises work perfectly and can be extremely beneficial if performed right after the anaerobic exercises are completed. This is because flexibility exercises allow the recovery of nutrients to reach the hungry muscles after you have exercised them for a long time. A bad posture is capable of shortening your muscles with time. Flexibility exercises help in stretching the muscles, thereby preventing subsequent injuries.

Stability exercises

Stability exercises help improve your body's ability to maintain alignment by restricting the movement of specific joints and bones. For instance, core training, agility, and balance are the different kinds of stability exercises. When you perform the stability exercises regularly, it helps control all the movements of your body by providing strength to the muscles. It also helps in supporting as well as coordinating the joint articulations.


If you include all the different kinds of exercises together in your daily routine, you will feel more fit and beautiful over time.

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