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Planning your World Cup Holiday

Louise Wood explains how to plan your holiday to watch the Football World Cup matches.

The World Cup has officially begun, and football fans are gearing up for a month of football madness. 31% of UK fans choose their holiday locations and hotels based on whether or not they screen the football matches. Even those jetting off on holiday can keep a close eye on the games.

According to new research conducted by online travel agent Travel Republic, almost half of the UK is unwilling to miss a game and base their travel plans around the World Cup. A quarter of people admit that they have even gone to another country to watch a game at a more sociable hour, proving how seriously we take football in the UK.

The research discovered that 25% of football fans go out of their way to research local things to do to occupy the rest of the family during the 90 minutes the games are on. A third, however, will not even book a holiday until the World Cup is over! More often than not, there is only one football fanatic in the family, meaning the non-football fans in the family have to put up with a whole month of over the top yelling and non-stop football talk.

Unfortunately for some, whether they like the football or not, they are roped into it one way or another, with a third of non-football fans having to make room in their suitcase for football paraphernalia. 50% made to arrive at the pub early to secure the best seats to watch the game.

The research revealed that 45% of people use most of their annual leave to watch the games from the comfort of their home or the local pub, and a whopping 50% admitted to pulling a sickie from work in a drastic bid to catch a game they would have otherwise missed.

When it comes to booking a holiday around this time, it seems to be causing unnecessary stress when there is no need. The World Cup is a globally celebrated event, so you can be sure that you will never be too far away from a bustling bar screening the big game wherever you end up.

Wesley Marley, Head of Sales at the Travel Republic and confessed football fan said, "For many of our customers, the World Cup is an important event that cannot be missed.

Luckily, many popular holiday destinations take the World Cup just as seriously as in the UK, making it easy to enjoy the World Cup and provide entertainment for the non-football fans in the family."

To make your life easier, Travel Republic has created a series of location guides detailing some of the best bars and restaurants to watch football, in some of the most popular holiday destinations, so can plan your holiday worry-free. The brochures list many local sites to see things to do, fill your time and get away from the football mayhem for those in the family who do not intend to watch the football.

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