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Fit for Life

Jen Fox identifies seven ways of training your body to prepare you to be fit for life, regardless of your age.

When you condition your body, you perform exercises that increase your speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility. While younger people usually like to exercise, middle-aged to older people will also benefit enormously from doing some regular training.

Over time, your workouts will trim the fat, build and tone muscle, and prepare your body for a more vigorous life. Although training your body through a regular training plan under a coach will make you look and feel good, the benefits go beyond the gym.

It can help around the house

Training can help you with things you might never have considered, even items around the house. If you are an older person, this can be a huge benefit. Let us suppose that you want to change your window blinds. In the past, you would probably have purchased one from a local merchant who also offered to send some people over to do it for you. Although you were paying extra for the installation, you just found it too exhausting to do it yourself. However, now you feel that you could run up a mountain, a step ladder is a laughing matter. You are more likely to order from an online store like Blinds Direct and do it yourself, and you may even see taking down and rehanging blinds as just another opportunity to slip in a workout!

It is less exhausting to move to a new location

Moving requires a lot of heavy lifting. With all the physical exertion: boxes to pack and lift, furniture to move, and appliances to load into a truck, it can be pretty exhausting. While moving is strenuous for everyone, it is much easier if you have been training your body for some time. You find heavy things less heavy, and carrying and lifting all sorts of things for hours on end tends to be far less exhausting.

It is easier to stay trim

While it may have been a struggle to lose weight, now you do it without much effort. For one thing, you have lost your fascination with sweet, salty, and fattening foods. Now you find that most foods that you love have too much sugar or salt, while others make you feel bloated. You also notice that unhealthy foods now make you feel sleepy and tired because your body has learned how to sustain itself on salads, nuts, seeds, and other types of nutritious meals and snacks. For another, you are burning up calories, making it easy to quickly burn off any excesses that would otherwise stick to your waistline.

You get ill less often

You are fine when everyone is coming down with the sniffles because of the chill. Your immune system has been rebooted. You find it far easier to repel invading germs. You may also have fewer aches and pains and other problems than you used to have. By stretching your muscles more often, you have reduced tight muscles; by running, you have improved your blood flow; and by lifting weights, you have strengthened your muscle. You may be eating healthier foods that ensure healthier muscles, joints, and ligaments.

You get around more

The chances are that you have reduced your sedentary activities, only sitting down long enough to get some work done on your computer or to catch one of your favourite television shows. Now you find yourself hiking, shopping, visiting, and just living a far more active life.

You feel more romantic

It is difficult to feel romantic when you are exhausted or in a bad mood. Exercise enhances all your hormones, making you feel more interested in spending quality time with your life partner.

You start new ventures

Many people have felt so good with their renewed health and energy that they have done new things. It can be opening up a new business, starting a hobby, travelling, or improving your social life.

Although going to the gym is a satisfying experience in itself, regular training can transform your life, making you feel better about yourself and the world and going out there and doing far more adventurous things.

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