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3M Tegaderm Film

Marc Kaplan explains the benefits of applying 3M Tegaderm Film.

Often you can find yourself having trouble healing minor wounds in hard to reach places. This might include between your fingers, toes, or almost anywhere on your body. Standard bandages can sometimes not help due to their nature of not maintaining their application. I am sure many of you have come across this type of difficulty in your lives.

However, some affordable options are available to you to help these minor wounds in these tough spots. This is where we would like to introduce you to Tegaderm. Tegaderm is a medical transparent film dressing covering minor skin injuries and puncture sites. The advantage of 3M Tegaderm film is its breathability and flexibility with movements, thus, making it perfect for areas such as fingers and toes.

Benefits of 3M Tegaderm film

3M Tegaderm Film is transparent and flexible for added patient comfort. It provides a sterile, waterproof barrier to outside contaminants, including bacteria and viruses. Because of its transparency, the wound site is continuously visible and can be monitored as necessary. Its hypoallergenic components make it safe to use by patients with sensitive skin. The product is fabricated from a material that allows oxygen and vapours moisture exchange, allowing the wound to heal quickly with minimal scarring. The chemical properties of the Tegaderm film prevent the necrotic tissue from forming.

One of the most beneficial properties of 3M Tegaderm film is its ability to allow the wound to heal itself spontaneously. Also called autolytic debridement, the process encompasses self-digestion of the dying tissue by maintaining proper moisture levels under the dressing. This method of wound-care results in expedited healing time with minimal discomfort.

How to Properly Place the Dressing

A person can place the dressing themselves if they follow a few simple rules. Hands should be thoroughly washed and disinfected with an antiseptic soap or liquid. The wound must not be infected. Tegaderm transparent film dressing should be changed at least once per week. If any visible signs of irritation are present, the dressing should be removed. Below are the steps to correct the placement of the dressing.

  • The wound is cleaned with rubbing alcohol or other anti-bacterial solution using disposable swabs.
  • A sufficient amount of time is allowed for the skin to completely dry. The air should not be blown on the wound as it may become contaminated by the bacteria from the mouth.
  • The dressing can be cut to the size of the wound with an extra five millimetres on each side for proper adhesion.
  • The paper backing is removed to expose the adhering side.
  • The Tegaderm dressing is placed over the wound and pressed lightly for better adhesion.
  • The paper frame is removed, and the edges of the film are pressed firmly onto the skin.

Transparent film dressings allow people to lead everyday lives without worrying about infections and inflammations. Specially designed for everyday use, 3M Tegaderm film protects wounds even when bathing or swimming. The internal environment remains sterile, allowing for faster wound healing. Regular replacements of the wound dressing will ensure continuous protection and minimal discomfort.

Commonly Used Types of Tegaderm Available

1624W is an octagon frame style dressing that is appropriately sized for small areas of the skin, such as minor burn wounds or abrasions. Although a physician typically places it, the patient can also apply it. It is often used to secure minor chronic injuries that need frequent replacement. It is manufactured in size 2 3/8" x 2 3/4" for added ease of positioning during the application.

1626W is a rectangle picture style dressing that is manufactured in size of 4" x 4 3/4". This 3M transparent film dressing size allows additional skin protection for patients with slightly larger wounds. It is recommended as a protective eyelid dressing covering.

Both 1624W and 1626W can be cut to any size and shape, and they provide superb viral protection without leakage. Peel-open style offers quick and painless adhesion to the skin. Because of the strategic shape, these wound dressings allow for accurate placement and a clear view of the wound. Also, they are suitable as secondary dressing.

Although there are only two options listed above, there are various options available in all different styles. You can find larger size dressings for more extensive wounds, depending on the size needed. Tegaderm is used for multiple healing applications ranging from small to larger incisions. Surprisingly it is even used after people finalize receiving tattoos. Its breathability is extremely helpful for this healing process.

On to you

Now that you have a better idea of an approach to healing these minor types of wounds, do you think you could use this in the future? We highly recommend having these types of dressings in your first aid packs, so when moments come where you are having trouble healing minor wounds, you have alternatives to use. Thank you for taking the time to read about new ways of healing wounds, and we hope you find this helpful content.

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About the Author

Marc Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Save Rite Medical, the leading provider of wholesale medical supplies. Since 2006, Marc has provided ways and alternatives to living a healthier lifestyle while fostering a health education community.