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Football Players' Accessories

David Wicks identifies some of the accessories (body jewellery) worn by football players.

The term ‘jewellery’ is often associated with women. Yet, men’s jewellery has been considered to be fashionable for years. In ancient times, men used to wear jewellery to symbolise their status and power. They wear jewels for various reasons such as – social status, marital status, and position in society or to make a fashion statement. Today, male celebrities are ahead in making body jewellery much more acceptable and even desirable.

Football players develop a perfect sense of style because they are often in the public eye. We often see football players wearing different kinds of accessories. Some of the standard accessories that we find in men’s jewellery catalogue include – bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, chains, and money clips. There are plenty of things that a man can buy when making a fashionable statement. Men, especially footballers, continue to grow in the love of precious accessories. Below are some of the trendy accessories that they love.


Bracelets now have masculine designs and are made of wood, metals, and shells. One can find bracelets in gold, platinum, and anodized aluminium. Stainless accessories are also trendy as it gives a look of strength and attracts women.

Necklaces and chains

Men prefer to wear heavy chains and necklaces. Some prefer to wear modern, sophisticated, and sleek jewellery. One can find a variety of chains and necklaces t crafted in solid sterling silver with or without pendants. Men are not likely to wear chains with pendants. They love the sleek look of a silver chain in a serpentine style. When creating a fashion style, individuals often consider chain length. Fashion etiquette describes that the length of the chain should be below the collarbone and should be worn inside the shirt.

Diamond Hip-Hop jewellery.

Diamond hip-hop accessories have become very popular these days, especially among athletes. It always looks good when football players wear jewellery. One of the primary reasons is that they choose quality ornaments. Diamond earrings are attractive to men, and several footballers have proved this.

Stylish rings

Fashion for rings come and go the same way as fashion changes. Men love to wear rings that are embedded in different kinds of gemstones. Diamond rings are the first choice of men to make a fashion statement. David Beckham, the famous football player, is seen with a diamond-encrusted ring presented to him by his wife, Victoria. This celebrity couple is obsessed with fashion and creates many high-profile fashion trends for clothing and ornaments. Beckham is even seen with expensive diamond watches, earrings, and other decorations.

Expensive watches

A nice and expensive watch is sure to be appreciated by the viewers. It highly enhances the personality of a person. Men love a big, classic watch as it does not go out of fashion soon. Sports watches look great, especially on individuals with prominent personalities. The famous football player, Cristiano Ronald, loves to wear the best and most expensive watches. He is the new icon of Jacob & Co, the watch and jewellery maker. You may have seen some of his photos during this FIFA World Cup, flaunting his latest watch.

Sports fans can find a variety of sports jewellery dedicated to their favourite player. Everything from watches to rings to bracelets or chains is available. Though men’s ornaments are expensive, people do not think twice before buying them. In the past, people thought that watches and cuff-links were the only accessories meant for men. But, the trend has changed now, and men have started wearing different types of ornaments.

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