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How to Improve Your Tennis Game

Edward Hillam explains how you can improve your tennis games by emulating professionals.

If you are looking to raise your tennis game to the next level, it is a great idea to examine how the top tennis stars play. To get to the highest level, world-famous Grand Slam winners have honed specific aspects of their game to such a degree that they are the best in the world at that particular skill. Analysing some of the best players of recent times should give you some guidance as to how you can improve your all-around game.

Rafael Nadal

Nadal is possibly the greatest clay-court tennis player of all time, hence the nickname, “The King of Clay”. He has won the French Open nine times and, as of mid-August 2016, is one of the frontrunners to win again in the early Roland Garros betting with Betway. Nadal earned his title by displaying extreme levels of stamina. He would stick to the baseline and grind out victories as the opponent tired. The Spaniard would continuously play long, heavy, topspin shots back to the opponent to force him to continue playing, rather than try to win the point with a slice close to the net or a drive down the line. He would stick to the baseline and grind out victories as the opponent tired. To replicate this style, you need to make sure you have high fitness levels. You must be willing to patiently wear your opponent down and then capitalise on their fatigue.

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic is classed as an “ambi-style baseliner”, and adapts his strategy depending on the opponent. When playing against players like Nadal, who plays defensively on the baseline, Djokovic will aggressively punch against them and force them into making mistakes. But when playing against more aggressive players like Roger Federer, the Serb will adopt a more defensive, baseline strategy similar to Nadal's. This ability to switch strategy and the fact that he can play both styles so well has led Djokovic to become the number one tennis player in the world.

With a good few years left in him yet, he looks poised to overtake Federer's record for most Grand Slam titles won. To develop Djokovic's ability to adapt to different situations, you need to play a wide variety of opponents. Look for players with an aggressive style and others with a more defensive style, and develop ways to change your game accordingly.

Roger Federer

Federer is generally classed as one of the best tennis players and holds the record for most Grand Slams won at 17. It is hard to pinpoint a specific part of his game that excels more, as he is a classic all-rounder. Although he is past his best and the glory days are over, he is still an absolute joy to watch on the court.

There is no doubt that the Swiss star's fitness levels have always been unrivalled. He continuously manages to reach the latter stages of whichever tournament he enters. There are a few weak spots in Federer's game, which is why he has enjoyed success on every surface. While it is hard to pick out his key strength, one could argue that it is his tennis mind. He has overcome all the other top-level tennis players and can do it in varying conditions.

To emulate Federer, you should try to get into the mind of your opponents and predict what they are likely to do. A great way to start picking up the habits of these great players would be to watch footage of them repeatedly. If you can replicate even a few of their specialist skills, you will already be on the way to becoming a much better tennis player.

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