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Training to be a Wrestler

Jenny Richards provides advice on what it takes to become a good wrestler.

Proper body conditioning is essential to being a successful wrestler. Most wrestling moves require flexibility and muscle strength. If you achieve the right level of physical fitness, you will be able to handle your opponents better during a wrestling match.

Below are some aspects of physical fitness that wrestlers observe when building their bodies. You should follow them during your bodybuilding program if you want your body to perform at its peak during your matches.


You have to ingest enough nutrition to keep your energy levels up when working out. If you go into a bodybuilding session without proper food, your body will start to shut down.

Your muscles will also get sore, a factor that will prevent you from training for a few days. The fatigue resulting from lack of nutrition will cause you to exercise in poor form during your deadlifts, leading to injuries.

Eat enough food and get supplements to fill in gaps in your dietary requirements.

Do not ignore rest days

After a hard week of consistent strength training, you need to take a break for at least one day in the week. A recovery day allows your body to reset while reaping the benefits of all the training you have done throughout the week.

In addition to getting enough rest, make sure you sleep up to 8 hours every day.

Address any injuries

Use proper treatment remedies if you notice soreness, tenderness, and pain. It is possible to suffer from prolonged injuries if you do not address soreness immediately.

Build endurance

Endurance refers to your body's ability to maintain intense exercise for a given amount of time. If you are experiencing shortness of breath too fast, it means your body lacks endurance.

Before you go for any competition, make sure you run, ride a bike or do the treadmill consistently for 40 minutes or more.

Focus on building strength

Strength refers to the amount of force exerted by your muscles against a resisting force. Weight lifting, bench press, pull-ups, tricep-extensions, and arm curls are some of the most effective types of strength training used by wrestlers.

Perform every set of a different strength training routine for up to 12 repetitions. Your muscles should start to give way at around the 12th repetition of the second and third set, which is when you know your strength is building.

You can buy protein supplements in an online sports nutrition store to get proper muscle growth.

Work on flexibility

You will be performing a lot of fast submission moves during competitions. These moves require dexterity, which you can effectively build by working on your muscles and joints.

Exercises such as lunges and arm circles help to loosen the joints. Stretching exercises that work on different muscle groups in the body are also suitable for achieving flexibility.


Lastly, you must hydrate. Most of your body is made up of water; as you will be shedding most of this water through sweating, you must ensure you hydrate sufficiently. Drink water before exercise and after exercise to prevent dehydration.

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