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Staying fit by cycling to work

Choosing which method of transport to travel to and from work can be difficult in a country where the weather is notoriously unpredictable. The only thing worse than being stuck in traffic on a blazing hot summer's day is cycling through the wind and rain during a blustery autumn morning. Sadly, the wind and rain are as likely to appear in the summer as the sunshine is in October, making your choice of transport a bit of a gamble.

60% of commuters choose to travel by car, and the reasons are apparent. You do not have to sit next to strangers on public transport, and you get to where you want to go. However, long queues congest Britain's roads every morning, and the pollution from cars is damaging to air quality and the surrounding environment. A recent study revealed some of London's streets suffer air pollution greater than the EU maximum allows, and most of that comes from car exhausts.

Instead of driving, many commuters are turning to their pedal bikes as a great way to dodge the traffic, get to work on time and keep fit. Cycling is the most energy-efficient mode of transport, and thousands of workers now take the advice of Express Solicitors' new initiative "On yer bike" and pedal to work. Over the past ten years, Britain's roads have seen three-quarters of a million more cyclists hit the tarmac, and although most people still drive, more cycle lanes and better facilities are freeing up the space of bikers.

A half-hour bike ride can see you burn 830 calories, and that is your exercise done for the day. Few people nowadays have as much time to hit the gym regularly, so combining your daily commute with exercise is the best solution to any fitness problems. 'On yer bike' has loads of good advice on why cycling to work is worth the effort. It does not matter what the weather is like, for the benefits of getting on the pedals are endless compared to sitting at the lights.

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