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Accessories & Training Comfort

Joseph Gatlin provides advice on equipment and accessories that can enhance your training experience.

For the most part, athletic training is all about technique and dedication. You will not get very far if you do not apply yourself to your exercise activity or competition in a correct, healthy, and productive way. However, it can be challenging to do all of this if you are uncomfortable while you train. Part of this is about making sure that you stay hydrated, that you keep your energy up, and again, that you use proper technique and train intelligently. However, your comfort and success also depend on your equipment in many cases. Here are a few tips and examples of equipment and accessories that can hugely benefit your training.

Elastic Undergarments

Whether it is a tight sports bra for a woman, or a pair of compression shorts for a man, having tight-fitting elastic athletic underwear can improve your comfort a great deal as you work out. These sorts of materials are beneficial because they prevent body parts from rubbing together as you move and train, which, in turn, prevents irritating chafing.

Dri-Fit Clothing

Dri-Fit, specifically from Nike, and similar materials keep you more comfortable as you work up a sweat. These materials are specifically designed to absorb moisture and keep it away from the body, allowing you to stay cool and keep up some airflow between your body and the garment. This is opposed to ordinary shirts, which quickly become drenched in sweat and stick uncomfortably to the body.


Many people find that using ordinary headphones while working out leads to much annoying irritation. These headphones can easily fall out or even fail due to sweat absorption. Instead, consider trying out a few pairs of headphones specifically made for athletic performance, as they are made to stay on tightly and to absorb moisture without becoming damaged.

Contact Lenses

If you ordinarily wear glasses to correct your vision, you may frequently be uncomfortable during workouts. Keeping glasses on can be annoying, and leaving them off can make your vision blurry and cause you to become mildly disoriented. Instead of succumbing to these discomforts, consider looking into Acuvue contacts, even if it means buying a pair that you only use for training.

Athletic Shoes

Thousands and thousands of people make the mistake of buying the most affordable or visually appealing pair of athletic shoes they see before beginning a training program. This sometimes works out, but it is essential to remember that the wrong pair of shoes can cause you to alter your run or become uncomfortable while training. Take some time to have a trainer or shoe professional analyse your feet and your running so that you can know which shoes best fit your style.

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