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Benefits of Interval Training

Scott Gray provides advice on the benefits of interval training.

Why should you switch from your traditional cardio workout to reap the benefits of interval training? Is it possible to get results without working hard for hours at a time?

Interval training is the ultimate cardiovascular workout. By practicing interval training once a week, you will be able to take advantage of several benefits, from more effective oxygen intake to a slower heart rate.

If your fitness goal is to lose fat fast, interval training is the only route to take. Interval training is more fun and effective than your regular old cardio routine. Best of all, interval training makes it possible to get better results in less time, helping you reach your fitness and weight loss goals quickly.

Interval Training is similar to your everyday activities

One of the most significant benefits of interval training is the similarity to regular activities that the average person performs daily. Most people are not focusing on working at a moderate to high level of intensity for long periods throughout the day.

It is natural to take breaks and rest between activities, especially when they are so intense. Interval training is an excellent way to prepare your body for the sudden bursts of stress or activity that everyone experiences from time to time.

Interval Training improves oxygen utilization

The body's ability to make use of oxygen can be greatly improved through the practice of interval training. Oxidative capacity is how much oxygen muscles can use during aerobic exercise. If your muscles cannot pull the oxygen from the bloodstream, then it makes no difference if your lungs are working sufficiently.

The measure of oxidative capacity is known as VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen the muscles can take from the blood and use. Studies indicate that interval training significantly increases the ability to use oxygen by 100%.

Interval Training saves time

You do not have to spend countless hours at the gym or running at high speeds for a couple of hours to take advantage of the benefits of interval training. With interval training, you can accomplish the same benefits as you would get from an hour-long run at 65% maximum capacity in just four minutes.

Martin Gibala is the chairperson for the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where extensive research has been performed on short-burst or interval training. Along with his colleagues, Martin Gibala published a study a few years ago that found that interval training for one and a half hours each week, including breaks for rest, produced the same results over six weeks as regular endurance training for close to five hours every week.

Interval Training improves the ability to burn fat

The muscle carbohydrate reserves, glycogen, are almost exhausted through interval training. It may seem a little backward to think that improved fat burning is one of the many benefits of interval training because carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel.

On the contrary, replacement is necessary through the fuel source fat once the glycogen reserves have been exhausted. Hours after you have completed your workout, you will continue to reap the benefits of interval training because your body will use up fat to replace the depleted glycogen.

Interval Training is an excellent way to train for any sport

The ideal way to train for any sport is with interval training. You can prepare for anything through the benefits of interval training, from a short sprint to a marathon.

Changing how much time you spend resting versus the time you spend working out at maximum capacity will effectively train the various energy systems necessary to dominate your favourite sport.

Interval Training increases human growth hormone production

With interval training, the production of the human growth hormone, also known as somatotropin, is increased. Human growth hormone (HGH) is required to repair tissue damage and build muscle.

Interval training has even been proven to increase the production of human growth hormone in older people. Proper HGH production aids in recovery following your workouts, ensuring you will be ready for your next session.

Interval Training improves heart efficiency

The amount of blood pumped throughout the body can be improved in two different ways. First of all, the amount of blood is expelled by the heart. Secondly, heart rate, which is the rate that the heart pumps blood.

Research shows that fit individuals have a lower than average resting pulse. Interval training makes the heart stronger, allowing for more blood to be expelled with each pump. This means that your heart will not have to pump as often, thus reducing your resting heart rate.

Interval Training reduces insulin dependency

Essentially, the body uses insulin to transport sugar to cells in glucose to be used as energy. Exercise at a high level of intensity causes the body to produce lactate, which is a good thing.

The benefits of interval training positively affect the lives of both diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Lactate is transported to cells much easier than glucose, and it does not require any insulin to do so. Lactate is then converted into pyruvate, a significant chemical used to produce energy quickly.


Now that you have all of the information, it is easy to see that the benefits of interval training are in great abundance. Interval training is a fun way to lose weight and a quick manner. When you burn fat both during and after your workout, as with interval training, your exercises are more effective. A more effective workout will save you time, giving you the awesomely fit body you want in half the time. Also, your overall fitness level will improve, your stress level will be reduced, your immune system will be stronger, and you will be healthier than you ever thought was possible.

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