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Release natural steroids to build muscle


Phil Campbell explains the natural way to increase weight and increase muscle size.

While most adults are looking for ways to lose weight, many teenagers are looking to gain weight and increase muscle size to improve sports performance. New research discoveries show how to increase your body's natural steroids to accomplish this goal faster than ever.

Accelerate Muscle Building with Natural Steroids

The negative side effects of steroid use have been widely reported, and rightfully so. Steroid use has significant risks of severe side effects. Yet, we know that thousands of athletes use them to gain muscle size and improve athletic performance (Madea 1998)[1].

So what do steroids do?

There is a lot of information floating around about steroids without understanding what steroids do to the body that causes the gains in muscle size. Most everyone knows that steroids essentially increase the amount of testosterone in the body. However, most do not understand that the benefits of steroids are not merely from increasing this hormone; the gains from steroids are derived from the fact that testosterone increases the synthesis of protein. Protein synthesis is the process by which the body utilizes the protein. Steroids speed up this process, along with creating risks for some severe side effects. New research discoveries show that there are several natural ways to increase the synthesis of protein without steroids. Before increasing the synthesis of protein, there must be an adequate daily protein supply in the diet. Step number one is simple -- get a sufficient amount of protein daily. The simple formula for individuals performing high-intensity sprinting training is one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight minus 20%.

Gain muscle size... and cut body fat at the same time

In a landmark new study, researchers at the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Texas discovered that strength training combined with increasing growth hormone in rats would provide significantly more gains than strength training alone. I am not sure how they got the rats in this study to do chin-ups, but the researchers did get the rats to exercise large muscle groups by getting the rats to climb stairs with weights tied to their tails (kind of like human dumbbell belt squats). The rats trained every third day for eight weeks with large muscle group targeted training, and the rats experienced a 23.3% increase in muscle mass. Here is an exciting discovery. By increasing the growth hormone combined with strength training, the rats increased muscle size by 31.8%. That is an increase of 8% more muscle development during the same period (Lee 2004)[2].

Like the case with steroids, some will, unfortunately, seek to increase growth hormone in the body by injecting it for the potential muscle gain offered by this study. This is a huge mistake! Researchers show us why. In their attempts to discover methods to test athletes for the illegal use of growth hormone injections during the coming Olympics, researchers discovered that injecting growth hormone will make the pituitary gland quit producing this wonderful fitness improving muscle-building hormone for four straight days. This means that someone injecting growth hormone is teaching their pituitary gland to stop producing this hormone naturally. There can be some short-range gains, but the risks are not worth it, especially when there is a natural way to increase growth hormone.

The missing piece of the puzzle

The body itself produces the best form of growth hormone. Anaerobic exercise, the short, quick burst, sprinting type of exercise that gets you winded in less than 30 seconds, does the trick. If you want to accelerate muscle building, here is the key -- use large muscle group targeted weight training combined with anaerobic sprinting-types of exercise to increase your body's natural muscle building steroids.


Anaerobic exercise is not in opposition to cardio. Anaerobic sprinting is fast cardio performed in short bursts with active recovery between the sprints. Look at the difference between Olympic sprinters versus Olympic long-distance runners. Sprinters perform anaerobic sprinting, and they end up with lots of muscle and low body fat. Olympic marathoners end up with low body fat and low muscle. Therefore, it is crucial to examine your training goals. If you want the muscled, lean and mean sprinter's physique, do what sprinters do - anaerobic sprinting exercise supplemented with large muscle group targeted strength training.

Ladies, do not worry, this form of training will not make you look like men, but it will cut body fat and tone your muscle.


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Phil Campbell is a personal trainer and a master athlete holding several USA Track and Field Master titles. He has a black belt in Isshinryu Karate and has competed and won titles in martial arts and weightlifting competitions. This article has been produced here with Phil's kind permission.