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Who is "BrianMac"?

BrianMac is a Level 4 Performance Coach and Coach Tutor/Assessor with British Athletics, the Uk's National Governing body for Track and Field Athletics.

He has 40+ years experience as an endurance athlete competing over distances from 5k to 50k on the roads, fells and mountains and has 30+ years experience as an athletics coach helping athletes achieve their athletic aims and objectives.

BrianMac's aim with this website is to provide information for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, sports science students and sports coaches on the many topics relating to athletic development, exercise physiology and successful coaching.

Since the website's conception in 1997 it now has over a thousand pages thanks to contributions from coaches and athletes around the world.

To find your topic of interest on the website you can browse the A-Z Page Index which provides an alphabetical list of the pages on the website or you can use the Site Search Facility.